Nana*様 専用ページ

Nana*様 専用ページ

ダッフィー シェリーメイ ぬいぐるみ パナソニック ミラーレス一眼カメラ DMC-GF2 ズームレンズキット  
ホリスティックキュア ストレートアイロンS(CCIS-G06S)

ここでマインクラフトを本気でクリアしようとした結果!?【まいくら】【爆笑MODランキング Ep22】

バナナ死す【マインクラフト天国脱出 第3話】


【マインクラフト】初心者vs.チーター ミュータント地獄ドッキリ


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  • List Seinen manga page 104 - MangaHasu

  • List Seinen manga page 104 - MangaHasu

メルカリで専用ページを作ってはダメな4つの理由と頼まれたときの対処法【物販総合研究所】.初めての土地で初めての一人暮らしを体験【NANA実況プレイ】Part1.【DTM】注目の新製品『VOLT』オーディオインターフェースが、低価格帯の新しい定番モデルになるかもしれない!!!.【2022年】nanaの曲をダウンロードする方法【iphone/android/pc】.SpecWizard Automated Spec Writing - Nana Wall.【顔のたるみ】を改善するには、 顔をむくむせないことが大切!たるみを予防して小顔になる「基本のマッサージ」by 顔筋NANAマジックメソッド(美エイジレス塾 NANA 55歳).Nana ep 23 sub.【アルゼンチンタンゴ】「今大注目、タンゴU-40若手特集」Nana先生へのインタビュー.るーぱる「ふれんど」 使ってみました (Brother KH355 \"Friend\").[HOTEL SANSUI NANA 琉球温泉 波之上の湯]100回以上来沖した旅行会社スタッフYが厳選、沖縄オススメ那覇ホテル🌺@おきなわディスカバリーチャンネル by しろくまツアー【公式】.完全自動・最強のセキュリティ作り対決.最強すぎる水の家に閉じ込められた【まいくら】.男6人が本気でステーキにかじりついたら何キロ食えるのか?ガチ大食いしてみた.実はCloveオリパが秋葉原撤退の決め手でした.家の中にスプレーで落書きしたアンチへ。さすがにこれは許せない.10分間のゆったり朝ヨガ☆ 脳とカラダが心地よく目覚める! #279.ここでマインクラフトを本気でクリアしようとした結果!?【まいくら】【爆笑MODランキング Ep22】.バナナ死す【マインクラフト天国脱出 第3話】.かくれんぼ中に史上最高の技を使うドッキリ【マインクラフト】.【マインクラフト】初心者vs.チーター ミュータント地獄ドッキリ.NANAの普段ヘア&メイク💄✨《プロ直伝》



Nana*様 専用ページ 新品未使用 ディーンアンドデルーカ 割烹着ドレス ベージュ arrow UNITED ARROWS スタンプ クロコ トートバック
adv-kun ボーネルンド(BorneLund) ペリカン三輪車 丸ハンドル 黄色
★清潔★レア★PT83★8268★9D★低ベルト★レッドウィング★スエード ★
限定版) DLX アイアンマン マーク43 (バトルダメージ)
エヴァンゲリオン 一番くじ アスカ×3種
1piu1uguale3 ウノピュウノウグァーレトレ セットアップ ジャージ

Main Collabolative Projects

SpecWizard Automated Spec Writing - Nana Wall

【顔のたるみ】を改善するには、 顔をむくむせないことが大切!たるみを予防して小顔になる「基本のマッサージ」by 顔筋NANAマジックメソッド(美エイジレス塾 NANA 55歳)

25 December 2019

  • UNKNOWN LONDON ラインストーン フルジップ パーカー フーディ S
    ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows is an integrated FEM software for magnetic field analysis on Windows.
    New feature is as follows:
    • Supports time-harmonic eddy current analysis.

    10 October 2019

  • 128744 山善 電子レンジ
    ADVENTURE_Sound is a HDDM based parallel steady and non-steady sound analysis module.
    The base code of ADVENTURE_Sound Ver.0.2b is changed to ADVENTURE_Thernmal Ver.2.0.
    10 October 2019

  • ADVENTURE_IO Ver.1.21 was released.
    Fix the bug to failed to read/write huge (>=2^31 items) document.
    10 October 2019

  • Nitraid Real City M-65 M
    ADVENTURE_FullWave is a HDDM based parallel high frequency electromagnetic field analysis module.
    27 September 2019

  • Da-iCE 花村想太 サイン入りボール
    ADVENTURE_Sound is a HDDM based parallel steady and non-steady sound analysis module.
    27 March 2019

  • To users who downloaded some ADVENTURE modules between 4/4-4/27.
    Some users reported a problem that sometimes downloaded ADVENTURE module tar.gz file is automatically extracted to tar file in spite of file name suffix was still "tar.gz". You can check whether extract automatically or not by comparing file size described in download web page and property of saved file.
    To prevent this problem, server setting is fixed. If you already downloaded some ADVENTURE modules between 4/4-4/27, please download again.
    27 April 2018

  • ADVENTURE Project web site become secured by SSL encryption.
    We applied SSL encryption for all pages in project web site.
    26 April 2018

  • Project member list is updated.
    Project member list is updated.
    26 April 2018

  • ADVENTURE_Magnetic Ver. 1.9.0 was released.
    • New label "mvpOnFaceGroup" is supported.
    • New iterative methods are added as subdomain solvers.
    16 March 2018

  • ADVENTURE_BCtool Ver.2.1 was released.
    ADVENTURE_BCtool is a boundary condition assignment modules.
    New features and revisions are as follows:
    • Appended ADVENTURE_sFlow support.
    • Appended options to limit output boundary conditions for solid/thermal/sflow to makefem3.
    • Fixed bugs not to execute makefem3, makebc, and
    • Fixed bug of makefem3 to fail to output integrated analysis model file if surface traction nor pressure boundary conditions are not assigned.
    • Fixed bug to fail to compile pcmMerge in Windows.
    • Refreshed packaging of BcGUI2 : Simple zip(Windows) or tar.gz(Linux) packages are adoptd.
    • Appended function to assign magnetic vector potential boundary property for magnetic field analysis.
    • Fixed bug not to release thermal boundary contidions assigned to selected node or face group.
    • Fixed bug to output invalid material properties settings when same properties are assigned to all volumes.
    • Totaly updated Japanese version of user's manual.

    16 March 2018

  • ADVENTURE_Thermal Ver.2.0 was released.
    ADVENTURE_Thermal is an HDDM based parallel thermal analysis module.
    New features and revisions are as follows:
    • A sparse matrix library(libsparse) with various compressed sparse matrix format.
    • Compressed Sparsed Row (CSR) is default sparse matrix storage schemes.
    • Balancing Domain Decomposition in the single mode (advthermal-s).
    • The CG solver in the single mode (advthermal-s).
    • Galerkin Method for unsteady heat analysis
    • Options for convection and radiation boundary conditions in makefem_thermal
    • Options for all element heat source in makefem_thermal
    • New example problems
    • Options for writing no result, surface result only and surface-interface result
    • A new tool "pfemsolv" to solve ineterior node given the information of surface and interface nodes

    16 March 2018

  • ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows Ver.0.2b was released.
    ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows is an integrated FEM software for magnetic field analysis on Windows.
    New features and revisions are as follows:
    • Supports multithread parallel analysis using OpenMP.
    • Appended English version of user's manual.

    1 February 2018

  • Project member list is updated.
    Project member list is updated.
    1 February 2018

  • Site search function is renewaled.
    Site search function in ADVENTURE Project web site is renewaled by Google Custom Search.
    1 February 2018

  • 名探偵コナン 鳥取 ふるさと館 コナン探偵社 空港 Vol.5 キーホルダー
    A new version of the parallel FE structural analysis module, ADVENTURE_Solid has been released.
    New features and revisions are as follows:
    • Fixed bug in large displacement and large-strain analysis based on updated Lagrange method.
    • Fixed many other bugs.
    • Added MPC (Mullti-Point Constraint) function.
    • Added the Rayleigh damping function.
    • Added input of distributed pressure and distributed surface traction boundary conditions.
    • Added input of initial condition (initial velocity) in the dynamic analysis.
    • Added function of switching multiple boundary conditions using a property "condition_id".
    • Added function to use results of the static analysis as a set of initial conditions of the dynamic analysis.
    • Added samples of time-dependent boundary conditions.
    Please note that user manual in English is not available.
    27 Dec 2017

  • UNKデニム UNK DENIM NBA ナゲッツ
    * This patch fixes :
    • fixed syntax errors of makefem3, makebc,, and
    • fixed the problem that makefem3 and makebc generate invalid integrated model file when cnd file does not contains surface traction and pressure.
    To apply this patch, replace to the files in patch tar.gz file and compile & install.
    25 May 2017

  • ADVENTURE_Magnetic was updated to Ver.1.8.0.

  • ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows Ver.0.1b was released.
    ADVENTURE_Magnetic_on_Windows is an integrated FEM software for magnetic field analysis on Windows.
    1 March 2017

  • 太陽の塔 ◆日本万国博覧会 岡本太郎
    * This patch fixes bug to fail to make surface patch using AdvCAD gm3d files temporarily.
    18 November 2016

  • ADVENTURE_POSTtool was updated to Ver.1.1.
    * Add the new visualization tools for ADV_Thermal and command-line data extraction tools.
    2 November 2016

  • V1540 ダイハツ純正 NMZK-W67D SDナビ 動作保証付き 美品
    * Add the new formulation "the A method with the Lagrange multiplier" to Non-Linear Magnetostatic Analysis module.
    4 April 2016

  • BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer
    2 September 2015

  • ADVENTURE_on_Windows was updated to Ver.0.42b.
    * Append functions to handle multi-volume mesh.
    * Update ADVENTURE_Solid to Ver.1.21 to handle surface traction boundary conditions.
    * Update visualization functions.
    * Append the function to get node list of selected face group to BCAgent.
    * Supports Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista.
    3 August 2015

  • グッドイナフ 音符 ロンT 復刻モデル M
    * A bug of tool for computing distribution of electromagnetic force advmag_nodalforce was fixed.
    1 April 2015

  • 2017製 液晶テレビ 24型 外付けhdd対応 フナイ
    * Appriximate the Lagrange derivation by the characteristic curve method.
    * Formulation as a coupling problem of thermal analysis and flow analysis.
    * Distributed parallel processing by the hierarchical domain decompostion method (flow analysis only)
    * Distributed parallel processing by the domain decompostion method (thermal analysis only)
    1 April 2015

  • GMFK268C○NAGANO INTERIOR / ナガノインテリア coup
    * Add the functions for explicit non-linear, input of the conductivity in each element and computation of the electromagnetic force to Non-Steady Eddy Current Analysis module
    * Add the function of the permanent magnets to Time-Harmonic Eddy Current Analysis and Non-Steady Eddy Current Analysis module
    * VTK file format
    1 April 2015

  • Windows version of ADVENTURE_BcGUI Ver.2.0 was released.
    ADVENTURE_BcGUI is a component of ADVENTURE_BCtool Ver.2.0 to assign boundary conditons to mesh by 3D GUI.
    For users of Linux PC without GUI, we released Windows version of BcGUI. 17 February 2015

    ADVENTURE_Mates is a traffic simulator using multi-agent system. It is applicable for city-scale traffic simulation. It has also a simple visualization module, and so you can check the state while running the simulation. 28 November 2014

  • 【美品】バーバリー ブラックレーベル ブルゾン ブラック ノバチェック サイズL
    HDDMPPS Project led by Prof. Shioya (Toyo Univ.) was appended to collaborative research list. 28 November 2014

  • 【lov】ロードオブヴァーミリオン 七英雄セット
    * Add the new module for Non-steady Eddy Current Analysis.
    * Add the shared-memory parallel mode with OpneMP and the hybrid parallel mode with OpenMP and MPI.
    19 March 2014

  • ADVENTURE ver.2 was released.
    "ADVENTURE ver.2" is a latest module package with ADVENTURE_Solid ver.2.0 and consists of existing modules (ADVENTURE_TriPatch, ADVENTURE_TetMesh, and ADVENTURE_Metis), updated modules (ADVENTURE_BCtool ver.2 and ADVENTURE_Solid ver.2), and new module (ADVENTURE_POSTtool ver.1.0).
    FEAR OF GOD フィアオブゴッド ESSENTIALS スウェット
    add dynamic elastic analysis function.
    ADVENTURE_BCtool ver.2
    add functions to apply boundary conditions for dynamic analysis and to set material properties for ADVENTURE_Solid ver.2.
    ADVENTURE_POSTtool ver.1.0
    new visualization tool to support static and dynamic analysis with ADVENTURE_Solid ver.2.
    10 Aug 2012

  • License is modified.
    * We apply new license to ADVENTURE_Solid ver.2. If you have used previous version of ADVENTURE_Solid, please confirm new license and apply license agreement.
    * License for other modules and previous version of ADVENTURE_Solid(<=1.21) is also modified to append terms to PROHABIT MILITARY use.
    10 Aug 2012

  • 模造刀 短剣 2本セット 刃の部分25.5センチと31.5センチ 袋付き
    * Improved the accuracy when you attach the loading conditions on the surface of the quadratic mesh.
    An entire-type FEM model must be created by a new tool "makefem_solid" for Ver.1.21 or later.
    07 March 2011

  • 1CD-ADVENTURE was updated to Ver.1.01.
    * Add English menu for computing distribution.
    * Updated Japanese and English manuals.
    09 February 2011

  • 【極美品】PRADA ジップアラウンドウォレット サフィアーノ セカンドバッグ
    Stationary and non stationary thermal convection problems may be analyzed by ADVENTURE_sFlow Ver.0.5beta. Stationary incompressible viscous flow analysis is still offered by Ver.0.11beta. The following programs - stationary incompressible viscous flow solver (Ver.0.11beta), stationary thermal convection solver (Ver.0.5beta) and non stationary thermal convection solver (Ver.0.5beta) - have the same program name, so users should install the programs in separate locations if more than one program are to be used.
    17 March 2009

  • ADVENTURE_DecisionMaker was added.
    The purpose of this module is to support the user in making decisions by permitting multi-dimensional visualization of optimized calculation results. The module has the following features:

    Nana ep 23 sub